The Coming Financial Collapse?


  • Unsustainable Debt Record Levels And Rising Costs.
  • Americans Are Flat Broke.
  • The Coming Stock Market Collapse.


The Equity Management Academy, who produced the Trading Talk video of “America’s Debt Crisis” in 2012, is predicting an even bigger collapse in the very near future. In this new report exclusive for the Equity Management Academy, EMA highlights signals that a collapse is imminent and suggests ways to protect your assets.

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The Gold and Silver Market Webinar Series

Building Wealth With Gold And Silver!

“The Gold and Silver Markets are entering one of the most exciting periods since the bull market began in 2001. The bear market for the last three years completed a major long-term level of support at current levels. These levels indicate the gold and silver markets are in the process and transformation to a new and explosive new bull market developing that could last until 2017.”

Conducted LIVE by: Patrick MontesDeOca from the Equity Management Academy 

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What Could The End Of QE Mean For Markets?

The end of quantitative easing (QE3) in the next few months, could lead to a drop in asset prices followed by yet another QEround, more debt and a further devaluation of paper currencies.

The QE economy —which started in 2009 and has continued through 2014 — saw the banks buying stocks, bonds, and real estate, while loaning money to Wall Street, which sparked an asset bubble. That economy is coming to a halt.

The crisis in Ukraine, pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine shooting down a passenger airliner and the conflict in Syria have not affected asset prices. No matter what happens globally, people go out and buy stocks. Even bad economic news, such as negative GDP in the first quarter and the addition of $7.5 trillion in publicly traded debt since 2008, has not affected the stock market. Investors need to get out of cash because cash pays zero.

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A Recession, Under-Reported Inflation And A Run On Gold


  • US is nearing a recession according to the latest GDP data.
  • Are gold stocks missing in US vaults?.
  • Currency wars to intensify.

Real GDP figures are under-reported, meaning the United States is nearing a recession and, with physical gold stocks missing from US vaults, when there is a rush from paper currencies, there will be no gold to buy.

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Global Chaos + Increasing Debt = Skyrocketing Metal Prices

A bleak picture of chaos around the world, massive debt, and the prospect of a sharp rise in the price of precious metals lies ahead.

In Europe, banks are offering negative interest rates, while in the Middle East ISIS is advancing on Baghdad, and global oil prices are surging. In relation to such events, I see an acceleration in the destruction of currencies, in particular the dollar, and that could start very soon.

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American Threats Are Driving China And Russia Closer Together


  • President Vladimir Putin gains world credibility.
  • Washington continues to play tough against China and Russia.
  • Political tensions build worldwide, and gold’s reaction is bullish.

In a recent interview, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the US Treasury, columnist and author, discussed his respect for Russian President Vladimir Putin and the arrogance of Washington’s attempts to bully the rest of the world, which is driving China and Russia into a closer relationship.

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Negative Deposit Rates And Gold

There seems to be a real argument in that negative central bank deposit rates cannot continue, which will mean gold will skyrocket.

Negative interest rates mean that people with savings in Europe have to find risky investment opportunities for their money since they aren’t even going to get their money back if they invest it in a bank.

All of this is, is another Ponzi scheme by the ECB [European Central Bank] that cut its deposit rate to minus 0.1%. It is the first central bank in history to take its deposit rate negative. The negative interest rates will be great for mergers and acquisitions, and is just a way of shoveling more cheap money….

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Opinion: Money Printing Will Lead To A Crash

The global bond markets are “ridiculous” as long as most people have confidence in the central banks. Stocks will continue to climb and precious metals will continue to move sideways.

It is mind boggling to see where the world’s bond markets are trading.  No bond market is more ridiculous than JGB(Japanese Governments Bond), which are trading at 57 basis points with a 3% annual inflation rate. Most people have great difficulty with the concept of deflation. We haven’t experienced much deflation in the world because we have the printing press.

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Gold And Silver Ready For Takeoff?


  • Goldman Sachs call for $1,050 gold as a sure thing is very bullish for gold and silver.
  • Latin American countries pawn their gold with Goldman Sachs.
  • Silver forming massive long-term bottom.

It has now become more evident the real catalyst behind the rally in the gold market that unfolded towards the end of 2013. Venezuela pawns its gold to Goldman Sachs. The actual sourced article… to read more click here.  

The World Debt Bubble Is About To Burst


  • Betting against the financial experts.
  • The 10 Year Note Yield signals a potential crash is near.
  • We are in the midst of a huge global debt bubble.

10 – Year Treasury Note Yield Collapses In a recent interview, Michael Pento, founder and president of Pento Portfolio Management, predicted a global recession and a boom in gold prices. Pento said the recent bond rally is “absolutely stunning.” He, like many others, believed that “the Fed’s taper would bring the 10-year closer to 4%,” but he always had the caveat that “the one and only reason why the Fed would be getting out of monetizing 100% of the Federal deficit” was “if the economy cratered,” which is “exactly what happened during Q1.” Now the government and the mainstream media are telling everyone that Q2, Q3 and Q4 are going to see better than 4% annualized growth is highly questionable. To read more click here…

Is Silver Ready to Tumble?

On Monday May 19, the gold and silver market made new weekly highs with gold reaching 1.3057 and silver at 19.82 during Thursday’s trading session. The highs for the gold market came right after the FOMC meeting that took place on Wednesday. With the market swing reaction to new weekly highs, it was interpreted as a bullish sign that low interest rates are going to continue to be artificially controlled for an extended period of time and thus could damage the long-term economic outlook. It gave more credence to the cyclical expectations for a major bottom to be taking place at current levels.

In my most recent interview I asked John Embry the following:

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