Testimonials for Equity Management Academy,

I have used the services of the “Equity Management Academy” for the last three years in trading in the gold, silver and energy markets.  The training materials have been very useful especially the trading room with charts.  As a retired medical engineer I can identify with the daily and monthly buy and sell limits.  The “mean” v2 information really works!  Patrick MontesDeOca has provided needed consultative services “on  demand”.  The e-mail and texting services are timely and have produced good results;  January and February profits near $20,000.

Don Hill


In the short period of time I have been working with Patrick and Marc, I have been amazed by the performance, customer service, and feeling of control over the markets I have experienced.  I have made over $12,000 as a result of their instruction in my first week.  But more importantly, I have done it with limited risk.  Patrick has 30 years of experience and it shows.  He is able to help you stay away from the “bull in the China shop” mentality, and think about your trading as a business.   He not only has made me significant amounts of money in a short period, but I truly feel that he treats my funds as if they represented his own.  As a result of working with Patrick, I am becoming a better trader, gained a mentor and a friend, and I am watching my portfolio and self confidence in the markets grow.  I plan on staying with him for the long haul and I can’t thank you enough!

Braden Barr, CA


During the two months during which I have been a member of Equity Management Academy, I am very impressed with the accuracy of the levels for inter-day and swing trading on futures and ETFs for gold and silver. By using the published daily and weekly levels, and following the rules that were carefully explained by Patrick MontesDeOca, my net gains have paid for more than one year of the trade room. In addition, the excellent coaching that I received from Patrick has helped me to avoid major losses.

       William A. Gruver, PhD, FIEEE, FEIC



I am quite excited to report that I have a most profitable start to 2015. I have just closed out my seventh consecutive profitable trade in the March 2015 Silver futures for a total of $10,750 since the start of the year. I must say the system is quite predictive and accurate, especially when buying at or below B2 and moving up to code or S1. I really appreciate your kind instruction and moments notice assistance with my trades and investments. I sense the markets are changing to a more bullish mode, so spread the word. I hope I can continue this trend moving forward.

Much appreciation and gratitude,

Curtis Caughey


Dear Patrick,

 I have been trading for 5 years now. In that time, I’ve had several mentors. From the beginning, though, I felt you were different. You told me you would feel successful when my family was abundantly successful. That meant a lot to me. Who would’ve thought it… a trader with a huge heart!  And what I’ve learned from you would be hard to put a price tag on. You understand the psychology of the trader better than anyone I’ve met. Your mentorship, in combination with the VC Daily Code, has helped me bridge the gap between my emotions as a trader and the reality of how the market moves.

The VC system that you created is a transformative and invaluable tool! It has allowed me to strategically plan my trades and follow where the energy of the market is heading. With your system, I get a bird’s-eye view before market shifts occur. I’m no longer directionless in the market. This system has proven itself time and again. Thanks to the VC, I have become a more confident trader.

I wanted to thank you for ensuring my family’s financial future. Thanks to you, I see myself as a lifelong trader, prosperous beyond what I ever thought I could be. Now I am actually building my family’s wealth. My dreams are becoming reality with the VC system.

Happy Trading!

Thomas in Kentucky

p.s. Wayne Dyer once said, “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” This is what your system does… allows the trader to tune into the market in a way no other tool does.



Patrick provides real market intelligence, often with uncanny accuracy. We haven’t been using the service long but it has impressed us enough to sign up for a year’s service. We trialed the $1-a-day service and were truly amazed at the results. Happy to say having signed up for a year it has literally paid for itself in the first week.





Dear Patrick,

I would like to thank you for assisting me in achieving my trading
objectives with your monthly cyclical energy patterns and research. It
has allowed me to trade less, yet achieve greater results. Last year was
very costly to me due to excessive trading and having too many wash
trades, due to brokerage companies having to report wash trades to the
I.R.S. last year.

Knowing when to expect corrections and major rallies is a huge
advantage, as well as minor corrections and short term tops. I also
appreciate your assistance in certain trading vehicles.
I highly recommend your services.

Yours truly,


Hi Patrick,
A note of exclamation, to express my pleasure of my discovery of Equity Management Academy and the VC Futures Price Momentum Signals.  I have been trading for many years and have never been more enlightened than I am by your training, coaching and sharing of the VC Futures Price Momentum Signals.  I have been following your system since November 2012 and I am very pleased with my success.  Of course, it is your patience and coaching that has allowed my success.
Over the years I have encountered many so-called “systems” that predict the outcome, only to be disappointed by the results.  With your proven system, I have been able to make trades with the ultimate confidence of success.  I have used the price points to trade options and shares.  I have been tracking the futures as I wait for funding requirements and am seeing positive results.  I can not wait to start putting my account in the green and continue my trading acumen that I am learning from you and the use of your signals.
In Liberty,Edward

Dear Patrick,
I wanted to express my appreciation and excitement regarding my recent trading success using the VC Daily Code. With your patient instruction and real-time advice this week I have used the VC Daily Code for the December 2012 Silver Futures Contract to realize over $7,700 in profits. This is by far the best futures trading tool I have ever used. With the current market conditions and the future outlook for precious metals, I hope to continue this success. Thanks so much for your assistance and advice.

Best Regards,



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