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 <span style="color: #00385d;"> Jan 19  , 2022 <h4>Silver's New Paradigm Shift Is Unfolding</h4> </span>

Jan 19 , 2022

Silver's New Paradigm Shift Is Unfolding


  • The 30-Year Bond interest rates are going higher at 2.162, up more than 2 percent. For the 10-Year Note, it is at 1.859, up 4.9 percent. Interest rates are moving.
  • Chairman Powell is talking about tapering and said the Fed is going to be looking at interest rates hikes afterwards in order to fight inflation.
  • Crude oil is at $87 a barrel for Brent oil. WTI is at $84.50. These prices are a drag on the economy.
  • Silver is the canary in the gold mine and will probably go first.
  • This idea was discussed in more depth with members of my private investing community, Mean Reversion Trading.

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