As I look at the signals relating to the current economic climate, it’s beginning to indicate a similar pattern that is reminiscent of the Great Recession of 2008.

China is now trading oil futures on the Shanghai exchange; oil futures contracts that can be redeemed for gold. This marks a massive shift in the gold and US Dollar.

The profit potential of silver from where we are now, is offering the possibility to get in early on what could be a truly historic move.

Gold/Silver Ratio: 2008

As I look at the report that we published in Seeking Alpha on March 12, 2018, “Gold/Silver Ratio Signals Massive Rally,” I could not help but go back and look at the indicators that anticipated this latest $1.00 oz. silver rally. In the report, I touched on the gold/silver ratio reaching above of 80.50 sometime in 2008, when silver was trading at about $9.73/ounce as we were entering the Great Recession of 2008. The price of silver

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