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The weekly trend momentum of $1,475 is bullish.

The weekly VC PMI of $1,527 is bearish.

A close above $1,527 negates this bearishness.

If short, cover position $1,494-1,473.

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Testimonial 2018-06-05


I want to thank you for the support I have received these past two weeks. Since joining EMA2 Academy, I also want to say that the VC PMI is one of the simplest but the most effective strategy I have tried the past two years of trading.

  1. I got interested in trading two years ago and have spent money on different and indicators and strategy setups that seemed good but in the end did not work. Some were complicated and the “stuff” that was on the chart made it difficult to see anything. I also blew two accounts. I did not lose a million dollars but 10,000 seems like quite a bit to me.

 Since starting, I have consecutive days of winning. The lowest day was $400 dollars and the largest was $1060 using two contracts.

  1. The VC PMI is simple. The rules are also simple to follow. The set ups are easy to see and there is no extra information needed. If the levels are hit, these sets up the “trigger.” Wait for the next candle to close above or below depending on what level and that is all to watch for. No emotions are involved.
  2. The probabilities are what is amazing to me. Being a math teacher, I have a understanding about the probabilities. When, the probabilities are 90 to 95 percent in your favor, there is nothing else that can come close to that. Yes you can lose a trade but when it is one out of ten, you are well ahead of any other trading strategy out in the public.

 Is there some cons to the program, I am not sure if scalping will work. Time is needed for the levels to work. William Gann who was a renowned trader mentions that time is the most important element of trading.

If you want a simple strategy where you have the highest probability of winning, VC PMI is the answer.

Terry Quintus





  • It appears that all the short-term targets in the gold market have been met.
  • The gold/silver ratio has given an unusual signal that the price of silver could be setting the stage for an explosive move to the upside.
  • Silver is offering an incredible historic opportunity.
  • The target price for silver over the next three years is over $65 per ounce.

Gold Market Meets September 28, 2017, Short-Term Targets

Upon completion of the 180-day cycle that began on September 28, 2017, which we published in Seeking Alpha regarding the gold market long-term outlook, it appears that all the short-term targets in the gold market have been met. We have corrected back down to test major support levels in the $1309 to $1317 area before the resumption of the uptrend occurs to complete the long-term targets of 1386 to 1484 . We highly recommend

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Spending, Inflation, Debt And The Dollar




  • We are looking for at least another 10% correction in the US dollar index in the second to third quarter of 2018.
  • Gold will be the beneficiary of the decline in the US dollar.
  • We have established an up-trend in gold since the beginning of the cycle began on September 28, 2017, and we are on the way to meeting the objective of $1386.

Inflation and Interest Rate Hikes

What I would like to do is focus on the US Dollar Index as we move into this next trading week. The fundamental news over the past couple of weeks has been highly emotional ever since the administration tax cuts were implemented. Volatility has increased tremendously and the recent economic numbers indicate that the US economy is growing at a faster rate than anticipated. We are beginning to see some inflationary pressures beginning to develop. The new data has given the new Fed Chairman Jerome Powell what appears to be a strong economy,

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