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  • As I write this (7 AM May 14), the E-mini S&P has activated a buy signal at 2,832 with a stop using the 15-minute bar close at 2,829 or below.
  • Your target is 2,884.
  • The signal that went long at 2,832 is carrying a trailing stop now at 2,833.
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As we examine the Seeking Alpha E-mini S&P 500 Marketplace report we published on May 10, the price after the report was published came down below 2,884 and activated the extreme levels below the mean as we came into this week of 2,829 to 2,771.

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Silver: A Reversion Back To $16 Highly Probable Short Term!


  • Based on last week, silver is about to make an explosive move.
  • With the market closing below the 9-day moving average, which is VC PMI’s first filter, it tells us that we are coming into the week with a bearish trend momentum.
  • The VC PMI’s weekly average price (the second filter) is $14.89, so the artificial intelligence is telling us that the market is bullish coming into next week.
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This is a special weekly silver report

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Gold: Is The $1,300 Level Next?


The price momentum or average gold price is $1,283, and the market closing above it, activated the S1 of $1,298 and S2 of $1,306.

If we come back down below $1,299 after completion, you will probably be stopped out and go neutral.

If it goes down below $1,283, after making it up to the targets at S1 and S2, it would activate B1 of $1,274 and B2 of $1,260.

Looking Back

We published a report on Seeking Alpha on April 22, 2019, called “Special Gold Alert: Is the $1,456 Handle Possible in 2019?” In that report, we looked at price relationships in gold in the structure of the supply and demand levels that is identified by the Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI) artificial intelligence. It identifies the average price and two levels above the average price, the sell 1 (S1) and sell 2 (S2) levels, and two extreme levels below the mean, which are the buy 1 (B1) and buy 2 (B2) levels. In the report, we said that $1,281 was the average price, and if the market came down below $,1281, it would activate the extreme levels below the mean.

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The ES VC PMI (SMA) Pivot Long V4-Only Automated Algorithm V4 Spectacular Results!


The ES VC PMI Simple Moving Average (SMA) Pivot Long-Only System V4

  • A day trading system for the E-Mini S&P 500 (ES) futures contract
  • Automated (based on the VC PMI)
  • For self-directed and automated traders
  • Easy to use/Easy language
  • Available at the premium app store on the Tradestation platform
  • A long only automated system: only looks for buy signals with 90 to 95% probabilities and executes it automatically in Tradestation
  • Time interval: 15 minutes
  • Minimum suggested account size: $5,000


E-Mini S&P 500: Have We Made A Top?




The VC PMI artificial intelligence is telling us that the market has a bearish sentiment, but the moving average is bullish so it is a bit of a neutral signal.

If the market comes down to 2789 to 2765, it is a very strong buying opportunity harmonically, with the daily, weekly, and monthly signals aligned at the B1/B2 levels.

Mean-reversion trading seeks to capitalize on extreme changes in the price of a particular security or commodity, based on the assumption that it will revert to its previous state.

The VC PMI is contrarian, so it advises buying when others are selling, and selling when others are buying.

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