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Eric Sprott – Gold Could Move Up 500% From Current Levels

Eric Sprott – Gold Could Move Up 500% From Current Levels

Eric Sprott Live December 21, 2012

Learn from a Master, Eric Sprott

Ever dreamed about sitting down with a top financial adviser and picking their brain?

Now’s your chance.

Our founder, Patrick MontesDeOca, will interview Eric Sprott, CEO of Sprott Asset Management LP.

LIVE at 10:30 PST on December 21, 2012. Sign up HERE.

Patrick has questions of his own, but will also ask Mr. Sprott questions from you. Email us your questions now!

Get up-to-date practical insights into the markets to improve your chance for higher profits at lower risk.

Eric Sprott has more than 40 years of experience in the investment industry. Mr. Sprott entered the investment industry as a research analyst at Merrill Lynch. In 1981, he founded Sprott Securities (now called Cormark Securities Inc.), which today is one of Canada’s largest independently owned securities firms. In 2001, he established Sprott Asset Management Inc. Mr. Sprott’s investment expertise is well represented in his track record in managing the Sprott Hedge Fund L.P., Sprott Hedge Fund L.P. II, Sprott Bull/Bear RSP Fund, Sprott Offshore Funds, Sprott Canadian Equity Fund, Sprott Silver Equities Class and Sprott Managed Accounts.

Register by clicking HERE to listen to what should be an insightful interview about the future of the markets.


“The fundamentals for gold are unassailable, the long technical picture is excellent and gold remains very inexpensive when compared to almost every other alternative (most particularly, bonds, treasury bills and bank deposits). With currency debasement assured and some form of hyperinflation probable, gold should trade at several multiples of the current price before this bull market reaches its end.” By John Embry

Eric Sprott 

As the end of 2012 approaches, I took a look back at an Click here to read more

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