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Soybean VC Daily Trade update with Steve Roy 10-09-2012

Sprott Asset Management – John Embry – Exclusive Interview

By Patrick MontesDeOca

On September 28, 2012, I had the pleasure and honor to spend a few minutes chatting with John Embry, Chief Investment Officer fromSprott Asset Management , one of the leading and most innovative investment funds in the world, managing more than $10 Billion in assets.

Sprott AM is a fund company dedicated to achieving superior returns for its investors over the long term. In June 2009, Sprott AM reorganized to better define and streamline the key Click HERE to read more

Silver Falling Wedge Followup Part 1 with Steve Roy Chief Technical Analyst

This is an analysis of today’s real time trade in the soybean futures market with Steve Roy our staff Technical Analyst 10-3-2012.

Silver Special Alert 10-2-2012

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