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Weekly Gold Report For September 7, 2012: Gold’s Transformation

By Patrick MontesDeOca

According to the World Gold Council, gold is being discussed and considered as part of the solution to the eurozone crisis. Natalie Dempster, Director of Government Affairs reviews the possibility that the ECB could consider creating a European Stability Fund that could be collateralized with gold.

As we are currently witnessing the biggest transition in the history of the eurozone, central bankers and leaders are looking at all the possibilities available in order to maintain economic stability..….Click here to read more

WEEKLY MARKET SCAN For September 7, 2012

The December (Comex) gold contract closed at $1,737.60. The 52 week Range is: $1,535 – $1,934.6. The market closing above the daily 9, 18 and 36 day MA’s on a weekly basis, puts into perspective near-term the $1,900 target levels or the September 2011 highs of $1,934.6 per ounce.

The market closing above the…Click HERE to read more

Weekly Gold and Silver Weekly Report for August 31, 2012; America’s Debt Crisis!

The Weekly Gold And Silver Report For August 31, 2012; America’s Debt Crisis!

By Patrick MontesDeOca

Let us take a look at what we believe will be the U.S. dollar ultimate demise, our massive Federal Deficit. America’s Debt Crisis!

Today, roughly 100 million Americans have their money tied up in interest-bearing CD and saving accounts that are paying roughly 1 to 2 percent. And with an inflation rate generously pegged by the Feds at roughly 3 percent, the ship is on its way to the bottom and quickly…. Click HERE to read more

Weekly Gold And Silver Report For August 23, 2012: The Gold Standard And U.S. Debt

Not since 1971 when President Nixon lifted the US dollar off the gold standard eliminating what once was a solid foundation for the currency has the phrase “Gold Standard” being used as the front page of mainstream media news. This was the beginning and the demise for the…Click HERE to read more..

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