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Philadelphia Gold And Silver Index Sees Bullish Breakout




Breaking above 85.97 would continue to validate the acceleration process taking place toward the target zone of 92 for the PHLX index.

Last week, the gold market closing at $1291, it opened at $1290 and came down last week to make a low of $1281.20, almost activating the $1280 Buy levels.

A rising CRB and rising interest rates, which could significantly impact sovereign debt payments, should be good for gold and silver prices.

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Gold Is Ready For Takeoff




Our analysis shows that the dollar is potentially beginning to confirm that we have made some sort of a short-term to intermediate top.

I am doing this special report because the VC PMI strongly suggests that we are at a significant turning point for the dollar and precious metals.

Gold has been trading in the $1300 to $1310 area for the past few weeks, and has established a major reversal to the upside on close above 1325.

US Dollar: Short-Term Top

In this intra-week special report update I want to review the US dollar, which is currently trading at 92.59, down 20 or 30 points. Our analysis shows that the dollar is potentially beginning to confirm that we have made some sort of a short-term top. In previous articles on Seeking Alpha, I have argued that the US dollar has been in a major down trend, as you can see from the long-term charts dating back to 1971. More recently,

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U.S. Dollar Rises, But A Decline Is On The Horizon!




The yield on the 10-year US Treasury note reached its highest level in more than 4 years at 3%.

It appears that the US dollar index is counting on an increase in interest rates. But, as the old saying counsels, buy the rumor and sell the fact.

I think the profit potential offered right now in gold is huge, specially for silver.

10-Year Note Inches Higher

The yield on the 10-year US Treasury note reached its highest level in more than 4 years at 3% shortly after the US opened sales last Tuesday. The majority of the focus has been on the 10-year yield in the recent sessions and it has inched its way to the psychological level which generates concerns that such a level could trigger a reaction in the global financial markets. The yield has been driven higher as strengthening inflation prospects have driven expectations of higher interest rates

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2008 All Over Again? 500% Silver Price Increase


As I look at the signals relating to the current economic climate, it’s beginning to indicate a similar pattern that is reminiscent of the Great Recession of 2008.

China is now trading oil futures on the Shanghai exchange; oil futures contracts that can be redeemed for gold. This marks a massive shift in the gold and US Dollar.

The profit potential of silver from where we are now, is offering the possibility to get in early on what could be a truly historic move.

Gold/Silver Ratio: 2008

As I look at the report that we published in Seeking Alpha on March 12, 2018, “Gold/Silver Ratio Signals Massive Rally,” I could not help but go back and look at the indicators that anticipated this latest $1.00 oz. silver rally. In the report, I touched on the gold/silver ratio reaching above of 80.50 sometime in 2008, when silver was trading at about $9.73/ounce as we were entering the Great Recession of 2008. The price of silver

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Is Gold In A Bull Trap?




On Friday, President Trump attacked Syria with the support of France and Britain, which some critics say violated various United Nations’ agreements.

We have a series of potential black swans that lead me to question the timing of the US administration’s policies now being implemented.

I believe there is going to be an explosive move in the price of metals that could surpass recent moves and challenge four-and five-year highs.

Fundamentals: Syria, Real War, and Trade Wars

As we analyze the fundamental chatter from last week, the rumors of going to war have overtaken the rumors of trade war. On Friday, President Trump decided to attack Syria with the support of France and Britain, which according to some critics violated various United Nations’ agreements. This was a one-time attack that appears to have been completed. The rumor . . .

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