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Could Silver Gain 15% By September 2018?




Going back to June 26, 2017, we can clearly see that the gold market made a low of $1231. The market rallied to make a high of $1378 by 9.4.17.

The silver market during the same time made low of $15.63 on July 10, 2017, and by November 11, 2017, made a high of $18.26.

I strongly recommend that you initiate positions to the long side in gold and silver, managing the risk accordingly with stops.

Go Long Silver And Gold

This is a special edition of the Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI) Weekly Report for the gold and silver markets. In an interview (7.21.18) with Equity Management Academy founder and CEO Patrick MontesDeOca, he said, “I strongly recommend that you initiate positions to the long side in gold and silver, managing the risk accordingly with stops.”

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Metals, Minis, And Oil – Plus Wheat And Soybeans




We are looking for buy gold signals to be activated above the B1 level of $1242.

The silver market came down to $15.70 at about 5 a.m., almost activating the B2 level of the VC PMI, which has a 95% probability of a reversion if activated.

The E-Mini S&P market high today was 2807.25, very close to the S1 level, which for all intents and purpose it met the criteria for activating a short signal there.

The report below is based on the July 13, 2018, Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator ((VC PMI)) early bird update.


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Gold, Silver, And So Much More




For silver and gold, wait for some dips to go long.

The VC PMI is neutral to bearish on crude oil.

Soybeans should come down over the next few weeks, offering a buying opportunity.

Although I usually write about the precious metals markets, we regularly apply the Equity Management Academy’s (EMA) proprietary Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI) to dozens of financial and commodity markets. The artificial intelligence algorithm was developed by Patrick MontesDeOca, CEO and founder of the EMA. He has more than 30 years of trading experience and developed the VC PMI to take advantage of the relative volatility of a given market. Today I thought I would provide some information on gold and silver, but also several other markets we regularly analyze using the VC PMI to give a sense of its universal applicability to markets.

The report below is based on the EMA’s new VC PMI Early Bird Update from Monday, July 9, which is a new confidential market update for long-term EMA subscribers.

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Signs Of Inflation, Except In Gold And Silver?



When we look at the DXY, the US Dollar Index, cash bar chart, we can clearly see that the US dollar is building what appears to be a bearish chart.

We have begun to see the gold/silver ratio decline from the 81-82 levels or higher, and it is beginning to confirm that the silver market is about ready to go.

The CRB index is picking up, so it’s only a question of time before we see demand once again ignite the silver market.

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Philadelphia Gold And Silver Index Sees Bullish Breakout




Breaking above 85.97 would continue to validate the acceleration process taking place toward the target zone of 92 for the PHLX index.

Last week, the gold market closing at $1291, it opened at $1290 and came down last week to make a low of $1281.20, almost activating the $1280 Buy levels.

A rising CRB and rising interest rates, which could significantly impact sovereign debt payments, should be good for gold and silver prices.

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