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Tired of getting angry when a trade loses money?


  • The VC PMI automated trading system is designed to do everything for you.
  • The proprietary model incorporates Elliott wave,  W.D. Gann, and Fibonacci, principles to monitor cycles and identify volatility, momentum and mean reversion patterns.


  • The VC PMI is a subset of support and resistance levels.


  • Specials forms of projected support (demand) and resistance (supply) form the basic methodology used by the VC PMI proprietary algorithm.


  • The basis for defining expectations for tomorrow’s trading are the historical support and resistance levels. Using these prices to identify the mean or average price as an input for our proprietary algorithms produces the most powerful buy or sell levels for tomorrow’s trading session.


  • Our system can then extrapolate how far the market is likely to move up or down from the mean or VC PMI levels in the preceding session with between 90% and 95% accuracy.


EMA2 Trade Live now offers a new algorithm that can analyze and predict with 90% to 95% accuracy the future price movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The algorithm is based on our proven VC PMI system.


Try a free two-week trial today. Learn how the fully automated VC PMI works, see its trading record, and get a first look at the way professional trader’s trade.


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Learn how the VC PMI works, its components and track record of every trade that we have made using the VC PMI, all  in a new book.



  • An intelligent automated algorithmic trading system developed over a decade.
  • Primary driver is the principle of reversion to the mean combined with a range of analytical tools including fundamental logic, wave counts, Fibonacci ratios, Gann principles, supply and demand levels, pivot points, moving averages, and momentum indicators.
  • Science of Vortex Mathematics is used to combine these various elements into a comprehensive, accurate and highly predictive trading system.

Will Gold Revert Above $1386 Or Make New Lows In 2017?


The intermediate- and long-term indications are for gold to revert back to its mean price, which may mean gold reaching all the way up to $1386 or even $1400.

If gold drops to between $1269 and $1256, I recommend buying gold, since you would be buying at the bottom when gold is at an extreme price below the mean.

The short-term indicators for gold are bearish, which may lead to just such a buying opportunity.

n my weekly report published in Seeking Alpha on November 27, 2017, I indicated that the Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI) weekly trend momentum was bullish. I argued that with gold closing at $1287, the market had maintained a bullish bias, which would continue as long as the price stayed above $1285, which was the 9-day moving average.

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Glittering Opportunities In Gold And Silver




Gold and silver are both building strong bottom formations and offer excellent opportunities to go long in stocks, futures or ETFs.

The gold market will probably revert back to the mean on an intermediate- to long-term basis, which projects prices in gold all the way up to $1386 to $1400.

if the market does test support and you get the opportunity to buy gold at $1166 to $1044, you would  buying the bottom of the 18-year cycle.

In silver, $16.76 to $16.54 is the bottom range and silver should move up to the $17.05 to $17.56 levels in the coming week.

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Introducing, The VC PMI Automated Algorithmic Trading System Featured in TS

Monday, December 4, 2017 | 01:30PM PST 

Expert: Patrick MontesDeOca

Hosted by: EMA2Trade

CEO of, offers an overview of the Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator. This intelligent algorithmic trading system deploys a range of analytical tools to analyze and day trade five futures contracts: gold, silver, soybeans, E-Mini S&P 500, crude oil, gold mining shares and 3x velocity ETF’s like JNUG, USLV and SPY. The system is completely automated, comprehensive and highly predictive.

Patrick MontesDeOca
Is a widely published technical analyst, author, commodity trader, trading coach and systems developer with expertise in algorithmic intelligence and the computer modeling of processes. He custom builds proprietary market intelligence reports that are customized for each individual or institution’s trading objectives.

After more than 30 years in the financial market business, MontesDeOca has developed a unique and automated trading tool based on a combination of Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, WD Gann and Vedic Mathematics. This proprietary trading tool, the VC Price Momentum Indicator, is a revolutionary trading tool that identifies major cyclical changes and trading opportunities in the commodities and financial markets with unprecedented accuracy.

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