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The VC Price Momentum Indicator

I want to take the opportunity on this report to review from an educational perspective the application of this innovative proprietary trading tool.

The VC Price Momentum Indicator trading system was designed to do everything for you. The proprietary model incorporates Elliott wave, Fibonacci, Vedic and Western mathematical principles to monitor cycles and identify volatility, momentum and patterns.

Subscribers are automatically provided with entry points, trailing stop loss levels and profit objectives. It has taken years of back and forward testing to verify the accuracy and consistency of the system and we are proud to finally be able to offer this truly remarkable trading tool to the financial community at large.

The VC Price Momentum Indicator system is based on several well-supported phenomena, including Fibonacci ratios. The very fact that everybody in the trading world is aware of such ratios and expects them causes mob behavior in reaction when such levels are reached, which lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The VC  Price Momentum Indicators are a subset of support and resistance levels. This special form of projected support (demand) and resistance (supply) form the basic methodology used by the VC Daily Price Momentum Indicator proprietary algorithm.

The basis for defining expectations for tomorrow’s trading are the historical support and resistance levels. Using these prices as an input for our proprietary algorithms produces the most powerful anticipated buy or sell levels for tomorrow’s trading session called the VC Daily Price Momentum Indicator. Our system can then extrapolate how far the market is likely to move up or down from the VC code levels in the preceding session.

The first projected anticipated level of resistance (supply) above the code levels is called sell 1 or (S2). The next higher calculated resistance levels are sell 2 (S2). Similarly the first level of projected support (demand) is buy 1 (B1) under the VC code level. The next lower levels of support is buy 2 ( B2).

During the upcoming trading session, unless the price action is influenced by unprecedented outside forces such as economic reports or news, our model will revert to its mean between these calculated points.

In general, if today’s price action starts above the VC Code level it will tend to stay above the VC Code (also called the daily pivot point, average price or mean of the day’s activity).

Under such circumstances, resistance will be met at price level S1. Should S1 be broken, further resistance will be expected at S2. The story is reversed if the price action is below the VC Code level. Support will be met at price level B1. Should B1 be broken, further support will be expected at B2. If after starting the day above the VC  Code the price crosses through the VC code price and closes above that price, the VC  code then will act as a support area.

The VC Code points and levels are support and resistance levels and behave exactly like any historical supply and demand level. Therefore, the VC Code levels are useful as an index tool for both day trading and for selecting and exercising entries and exits for longer term traders.

To take a closer look at some specific strategies let’s take a theoretical look at some simple trading methodology employing the VC Daily Codes.

First fundamental rule: If you are day trading after the opening, wait first 30 minutes to 1 hour. If the price action trades above or below the VC code, the price action will tend to remain above or below the VC Code  for the rest of the session.  Although this rule bids us to wait out the opening range and thereby avoid much of the wildness and whipsawing, overlooking the next fundamental rule of the VC Code could be disastrous.

Second fundamental rule: Trading after market opens or later trades at extremes S1, S2 or B1, B2 would exhibit a high tendency to trade back toward the VC Code (Mean). Therefore, the general rule is to avoid buying the high (supply) or selling the low (demand), which becomes increasingly more stringent as the price moves further away from the code.

Our algorithm identifies the highest probability trades when the price reaches the extreme of the mean above or below, or when the VC Code level identifies the price to be at the highest probable point to execute a trade.

Third fundamental rule: If the market closes below the B2 or above the S2, it signifies that the trend is beginning to change and the price pattern may be shifting to the next price fractal, inverting resistance to support and vice versa.

Our oversimplified system has started to define set limits enabling us to either buy or sell above or below the VC Daily Code. We also have roughly begun to define a basis for determining entry/exit and safety stop rules. The methods that these few theoretical ideas suggest are still a long way from a perfect system. Nonetheless, there are those who actually do successfully trade the VC Daily Price Momentum Indicator using just these few simple rules.

Good luck and good trading this is Patrick MontesDeOca, CEO for the Equity Management Academy.



What is Fibonacci Telling Us About Gold? SPECIAL REPORT

Patrick MontesDeOca, CEO of the Equity Management Academy, said today, December 15, 2017, that it was highly likely that gold was at a bottom and to expect a major move up. He based his forecast on the VC Price Momentum Indicator, which relies in part on Fibonacci trends to predict market movements and has an impressive track record in predicting winning trades.

MontesDeOca said gold hit a bottom on November 30, 2015, at $1045.40 when the Federal Reserve announced that it was raising interest rates 25 basis points for the first time in about ten years. The announcement, he said, “Created a bottom in the gold market.”

Gold then rebounded to $1378 by July 11 about 180 days later, which fit the 180-day cycle that MontesDeOca uses to identify market extremes.

“Since that high,” MontesDeOca said, “we have seen the validation that this first rally was leg number one in what appears to be a much bigger wave pattern, which projects very significant higher prices.”

“Since the high of $1378,” he said, “we have come down all the way almost to a 78.6% Fibonacci correction. The majority of the time when the market comes down to this level, it usually signifies a completion of a pattern. The closer you can buy into that 78.6% retracement, the lower the risk.” He recommended placing a stop at $1116, which is the price with the highest probability of marking a price reversal. If gold closes below $1116, then this leg and its pattern will be negated, he said. Then the market would need to be watched to determine which direction it is likely to move.

Based on the VC Price Momentum Indicator, MontesDeOca uses color-coded charts to indicate levels of supply and demand for the Academy’s select group of subscribers.

For more information on the criteria to join the Academy’s select group of investors, please email or call 805-418-1744.




For more information on the criteria to join the Academy’s select group of members, please email or call 805-418-1744.

How to Create Rock Solid Trading Mindset

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Join us for a Live webinar with Hovig Khatchadourian, sponsored by EMA 2 Trade Live

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Remember, trading success begins with your state of mind, I invite you to spend 60-90 minutes with me on December 6th and experience yourself the possibility of success by combining powerful mindset techniques with your trading system.

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Is Gold Ready to Blast off?


On December 7, Equity Management Academy CEO Patrick MontesDeOca discussed a possible bottom in the gold market, which could lead to a major move up.

MontesDeOca said, “Gold closed at $1178,” which was below the 9-day moving average of $1241. Therefore, he said, “The trend momentum is bearish.” However, he warned, “if the market moves above $1241, that would negate this bearish trend momentum.”

The 9-day moving average is one component of a series of factors that make up the Academy’s VC Price Momentum Indicator, which MontesDeOca uses to trade, as well as uses to coach and teach self-guided investors wishing to learn how to use the Indicator for their own trading.

The VC Price Momentum Indicator also uses a weekly moving average, which this past week was at $1180. MontesDeOca said, “The market closed below it ($1180), therefore the market is bearish.” However, he said, “If the market closes above $1180, it would negate this bearish trend.”

MontesDeOca stressed that the Academy seeks to teach its subscribers how to use this algorithm to identify the short-term to intermediate trends in the market. The Indicator shows which way momentum is moving and where to take short or long positions, as well as where to put stops and when to exit the market.

The last Academy report recommended, MontesDeOca said, “To look to take profits on shorts into any correction at the buy one and buy two levels at $1160 to $1142, and to go long on the weekly reversal stop.” The VC Price Momentum Indicator also recommended, if you are long at $1160 to use $1142 as your stop–close only–until cancel order.

MontesDeOca said that the December 2 Academy report, “Gave us two sides of the trade; the supply zone with a high of $1190 and gave us the low of $1158.” He said, “It’s been a pretty volatile day,” largely due to the Italian decision to leave the Euro.

He said that the weekly signals are matching “pretty much” the daily signals, which is called a “harmonic convergence or alignment” and has been taking place for the last three or four weeks. MontesDeOca said, “The market needs to close at $1190 in order to confirm and complete that the bottom of the gold market has taken place. We continue to feel that…it is looking to make a final bottom, and that bottom has been tested in the $1160 area.”

The goal of the Equity Management Academy is to provide a select group of investors with the tools and information to invest wisely and well for the long-term in these tough economic times. For more information about the Academy and Patrick MontesDeOca, please email or call 805-418-1744.

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