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Humans are smart. We have sent men to the moon. We have harnessed nuclear power. We have created beautiful symphonies, paintings and art. We do have our limitations, however, the inability to fully understand and profit from the financial markets runs up against those limitations. Therefore, many traders and analysts have turned to mathematics and computers to attempt to model the markets and predict future price movements. Algorithmic trading systems use mathematical models to analyze financial markets to determine when to buy and sell, as well as to execute and manage orders once they have been placed. Such systems can be manually operated by human traders, partially automated by human traders and algorithms, or fully automated through the use of algorithms in a form of artificial intelligence.


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EMA2 Trade Live Free Joint Webinar: April 16, 2018 at 1 pm (PT)

Free Joint Webinar:

Monday, April 16, 2018 at 1 pm (PT)

Trading Economic Events and the Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator

A joint webinar by BetterTrader and the Equity Management Academy (EMA) featuring two trading experts:

  • Eyol Mor: CEO of BetterTrader with eight years of trading experience with top firms and an expert in macro-economic event trading.
  • Patrick MontesDeOca: CEO of the EMA with more than 30 years of trading experience, creator of the MCTS Markets Commentary, an advanced automated and technically oriented market letter published daily in Consensus Magazine since 2003, and a regular contributor to Seeking Alpha, Trader Planet and

Learn to use BetterTrader’s fundamental application based on economic data to trade the market, as well how to use the VC PMI to identify price levels to execute precise trades.

Register Now and receive two free eBooks:

    • Mean Reversion Trading: The VC PMI Automated Algorithm for Trading Stocks, Futures and ETFs by Patrick MontesDeOca and K. Scot Macdonald, PhD
    • The Essential Guide to Trading Economic Events by Eyol Mor

This is not an “easy” money webinar. Mor and MontesDeOca will start you on the road to learning how to trade the markets using major economic events and the VC PMI—an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithmic trading system.

Trading economic events is based on a three-step process:

  • Prepare trade ideas before the event
  • Event occurs
  • Execute trade idea precisely

The VC PMI is a fully automated AI algorithmic trading system available at TradeStation App Store. The model fund based on the VC PMI was founded in 2012 and was up 183% in 2016 and up 528% in 2017.  You can see every trade the fund has made since inception on the EMA website.

The primary driver of the VC PMI is the principle of reversion to the mean combined with a range of analytical tools including fundamental logic, wave counts, Fibonacci ratios, Gann principles, supply and demand levels, pivot points, moving averages, and momentum indicators. The science of Vortex Mathematics is used to combine these elements into a comprehensive, accurate and highly predictive automated AI trading system.

Register Now and start on the road to a successful trading strategy.

Gold Broke Out Of Its Range; Is $1,484 Next?




The forecast that we made on September 28, 2017, indicated that the targets for gold in 2018 were bullish and were in the $1,386 to $1,484 range.

If we look at the gold market, we have been in a trading range until recently of about $50, and we recently broke out of this trading range.

The VC PMI is identifying that we have entered a level of supply and overbought conditions short term.

Looking Back?

The forecast we made using the Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI) on September 28, 2017, for the next year appears to have been validated. The forecast that we made on September 28, 2017, indicated that the targets for gold were bullish and were in the $1386 to $1484 range. This was the beginning of the 360-day cycle that began on September 28, 2017. If we look at the price action since that date, we can see that, in fact, this was a major bottom that occurred at the beginning of the 360-day cycle projection. When we look at the current price of gold, we can see that we have broken out this past week into a high that we made on the June gold contract of $1356 on the daily chart.

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  • It appears that all the short-term targets in the gold market have been met.
  • The gold/silver ratio has given an unusual signal that the price of silver could be setting the stage for an explosive move to the upside.
  • Silver is offering an incredible historic opportunity.
  • The target price for silver over the next three years is over $65 per ounce.

Gold Market Meets September 28, 2017, Short-Term Targets

Upon completion of the 180-day cycle that began on September 28, 2017, which we published in Seeking Alpha regarding the gold market long-term outlook, it appears that all the short-term targets in the gold market have been met. We have corrected back down to test major support levels in the $1309 to $1317 area before the resumption of the uptrend occurs to complete the long-term targets of 1386 to 1484 . We highly recommend

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Inflation: It Is Not A Case Of Something That Is Coming; Inflation Is Already Here!




The grain market, soybeans, corn and wheat have seen a substantial rally, confirming that the inflation monster is beginning to infiltrate the commodity markets.

In terms of inflation, it is not a case of something that is coming; inflation is already here.

Right now may be the perfect time to look at precious metals, which are offering a tremendous profit potential.

Signs of Inflation

In this report, I would like to examine the inflation numbers, which show indications that inflation is picking up. One of the first areas to show signs of inflation is the food and commodity sector. The grain market, soybeans, corn and wheat have seen a substantial rally,

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