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Gold Bulls: Proceed With Caution

Gold market looks extremely overbought!

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Is Bitcoin The Canary In The Crypto Mine: If So, Buy Gold




The fundamentals point to a continuing bearish US dollar.

Brexit uncertainty, mixed economic data, and the weakening US dollar as a global reserve currency point to the rise of alternatives, such as Bitcoin and gold.

Based on the fundamentals and technical analysis, gold looks bullish.

US Dollar: Bearish

The US dollar appears to be showing a very bearish trend based on the fact that on Friday, December 29, 2017, the dollar index closed at 91.826, below the October and November lows. Based on my analysis, this puts into play the lower targets of 90.50 and 90.65.

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Is Gold Ready For Takeoff?

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Are central bankers obsolete?

The economy is at risk if interest rates move higher.

The US Dollar is under pressure.

India’s Gold Exchange is set for March, 2018.

Sell Bitcoin and buy gold.

Is The Current Central Banking System Obsolete?

When I look back at the central banks’ monetary policies over the past few years since the Great Recession in 2008, I can’t help but think that central banks have squeezed the wealth factor out of the world economy, especially in the form of gold and silver, and has essentially moved that wealth into Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies temporarily. When you look at the data in regards to market cap for Bitcoin, some of the numbers thrown out there are numbers that are larger than some Fortune 500 companies, exceeding $500 billion in market cap. Such a figure suggests an astonishing growth over a short period of time. This exceeds the total value of silver production over the last 20 years and qualifies gold and silver in particular, as the most undervalued monetary asset class in the world.

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