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For more information on the criteria to join the Academy’s select group of members, please email or call 805-418-1744.

How to Create Rock Solid Trading Mindset

 Educational Webinar Series


Join us for a Live webinar with Hovig Khatchadourian, sponsored by EMA 2 Trade Live

Date: Dec 16, 2016 at 1:00 PM PST.
To get you excited about what’s to come, here’s a taste of what I’ll be teaching
1- 4 strategies you can use today to control your mindset
2- Your subconscious mind and Trading
3- We will create your success formula
4- Will finish with this one technique I call it, “your road map for success”
5- and much more.

Remember, trading success begins with your state of mind, I invite you to spend 60-90 minutes with me on December 6th and experience yourself the possibility of success by combining powerful mindset techniques with your trading system.

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Is Gold Ready to Blast off?


On December 7, Equity Management Academy CEO Patrick MontesDeOca discussed a possible bottom in the gold market, which could lead to a major move up.

MontesDeOca said, “Gold closed at $1178,” which was below the 9-day moving average of $1241. Therefore, he said, “The trend momentum is bearish.” However, he warned, “if the market moves above $1241, that would negate this bearish trend momentum.”

The 9-day moving average is one component of a series of factors that make up the Academy’s VC Price Momentum Indicator, which MontesDeOca uses to trade, as well as uses to coach and teach self-guided investors wishing to learn how to use the Indicator for their own trading.

The VC Price Momentum Indicator also uses a weekly moving average, which this past week was at $1180. MontesDeOca said, “The market closed below it ($1180), therefore the market is bearish.” However, he said, “If the market closes above $1180, it would negate this bearish trend.”

MontesDeOca stressed that the Academy seeks to teach its subscribers how to use this algorithm to identify the short-term to intermediate trends in the market. The Indicator shows which way momentum is moving and where to take short or long positions, as well as where to put stops and when to exit the market.

The last Academy report recommended, MontesDeOca said, “To look to take profits on shorts into any correction at the buy one and buy two levels at $1160 to $1142, and to go long on the weekly reversal stop.” The VC Price Momentum Indicator also recommended, if you are long at $1160 to use $1142 as your stop–close only–until cancel order.

MontesDeOca said that the December 2 Academy report, “Gave us two sides of the trade; the supply zone with a high of $1190 and gave us the low of $1158.” He said, “It’s been a pretty volatile day,” largely due to the Italian decision to leave the Euro.

He said that the weekly signals are matching “pretty much” the daily signals, which is called a “harmonic convergence or alignment” and has been taking place for the last three or four weeks. MontesDeOca said, “The market needs to close at $1190 in order to confirm and complete that the bottom of the gold market has taken place. We continue to feel that…it is looking to make a final bottom, and that bottom has been tested in the $1160 area.”

The goal of the Equity Management Academy is to provide a select group of investors with the tools and information to invest wisely and well for the long-term in these tough economic times. For more information about the Academy and Patrick MontesDeOca, please email or call 805-418-1744.




The goal of the Equity Management Academy is to provide a select group of investors with the tools and information to invest wisely and well for the long-term in these tough economic times. For more information about the Academy and Patrick MontesDeOca, please email or call 805-418-1744.

A Bottom in Silver!


MontesDeOca reviewed a November 24 Academy report published on Trader Planet and on the Academy website, which accurately predicted the movement of the silver market. The accuracy of the predictions added to the Academy’s 94% swing trading success and 67% success for day trading. To see the Academy’s track record, including every trade, win or lose, since 2012, visit the Academy’s website and its Live Trading Room.

In the November 24 report, MontesDeOca said, “The market closing below the 9-day moving average of $18.06 means that the trend is bearish.” However, he also said that if silver closed above the 9-day moving average of $18.06, “it would negate this bearish short-term trend” and we would “begin to see a shift in the momentum of the market.” MontesDeOca said, “If silver closes below $16.94, which it did, it means that the market is bearish.”

MontesDeOca uses the Academy’s proprietary VC Price Momentum Indicator to discern the momentum of the market, bearish or bullish, and then he and his subscribers, who he trains one-on-one, decide how most effectively to enter the market. MontesDeOca, at all times, keeps a careful eye on the risk-reward ratio, so he can manage risk as effectively as possible based on what the market is telling us.

He said, “Silver told us to take profits on bearish positions at the $16.30 to $15.89 level, and then to use the $15.89 level as a stop.” Since the November 24 report, the low was made on the 25th at $16.15. On the 24th, the report told subscribers to cover short positions in silver at the $16.30 to $15.89 levels. On the 25th, MontesDeOca said, “The market triggered the buy signal when it came down to a low of $16.15 and closed at $16.52. This is the trigger point that the algorithm gave us, $16.30.” He called this an “area of harmonic timing, which means that the price has aligned itself with the highest probability of demand.” The low is in the $16.15 area, closing at $16.52. Silver rallied on the 28th to $16.945, which matched what was forecast in the November 24 report. MontesDeOca said on the 24th that there was “a high probability that prices will revert back to the mean of $16.94. The high was $1694.50.”

Where are we now?

Silver met the target of $16.945 as predicted in the report. “The selling pressure that brought the market down was met by very strong demand that brought the price up to close at $16.52,” MontesDeOca said, “closing above the buy-one level, which is the pivot point.” This move gave Academy subscribers who followed the report’s advice a very nice profit of 40 cents or $2,000 in a matter of a couple of days.

Today (December 1), silver came back down and tested the level that was anticipated for today of $16.35 to $16.23. Silver closed at $16.56. MontesDeOca said, “We tested that level of support again that was basically anticipated on the weekly information. What we’re waiting for now is validation that the total bottom in silver has been completed is for the market to close above $16.94, which is the previous high that we saw.” If silver closes above $16.94, the VC Price Momentum Indicator projects prices as high as $17.94, where we find the next higher level of resistance.

MontesDeOca said, “We are alerting you that in silver it appears that the signal on the daily, weekly, for the swing, and intermediate trend have signaled that a bottom has been placed and suggests that $16.30 is a strong level of demand.” So, use a protective stop at $15.85, but only if it closes below $15.85. Silver may come down and test that level, he warned. If silver comes back above it, you do not get out. You should not place a straight stop, but use it as a market on the close order.

For more information on the criteria to join the Academy’s select group of investors, please email or call 805-418-1744.

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