The Benefits of Coaching for Active Traders and Investors

Coaching in financial markets that result in enhanced performance and profit is now recognized as a growing phenomenon in today’s challenging investment world.

Current market trends, complex financial transactions, and ongoing volatility call for expert guidance to manage risk, maintain confidence and make better decisions that result in enhanced profits.

Is Coaching Necessary? Why ?

With today’s fast market conditions every investor needs to be prepared for unprecedented developments that can change the foundation of any investment strategy almost instantly. It is imperative to be able to dissect, process and execute market intelligence faster than at any other time in history. A trading coach provides the latest market intelligence, trading techniques and technology for you to maximize your trading and investment objectives.

Simple Guidelines

1. Don’t Focus on a Coach’s Personal Results
Don’t worry about whether a potential coach was a trader, is a trader or what his or her personal track record. Personal trading results don’t matter; what matters is how a given coach’s students perform. Look for reviews by students about a coach or training program.

2. Emotions
Sales pages are meant for the hard sell. Therefore, sift through sales pages with an analytic mind, not with emotions. Is there any substance to an advisor’s claims? People who know the markets know that no one is right all of the time, so skip coaches and programs that promise outlandish results.

3. Consider Your Personality and Style

If you have some experience, look for someone who meshes with your personality and style. Do you understand the language the coach uses? Does his or her method seem simple and easy to understand? Complex methods can be hard to implement and may not be easily passed on from one person to another. Also, if you can’t understand what someone else is saying when you are first introduced to their work, it is likely only going to get harder to understand later on.

Is dedication, eagerness and enthusiasm enough?

Enthusiastic market players have read the books and been to seminars but can still be overwhelmed when they actually enter the market. Many potentially successful active investors and traders have purchased expensive trading software and courses, but have not personalized coherent and durable trading strategies to suit their individual goals and attributes. Some become adept fundamental or technical analysts but find it difficult to translate those skills into consistently high returns from the market.

EMA coaching integrates its trading program with each individual’s needs, behaviors and goals, and arms the trader with the motivation and conviction needed to profit successfully and consistently in the market.


Good information, coaching and training programs can be found, but to hit on the best possible program, traders need to do research, including reading reviews of any product or service being considered, and touching base with companies or individuals to see what they have to offer. Disregard any offers that promise outlandish results or are hard to understand. Trading can be difficult, but learning about it should be much easier, especially if you take the time to seek out the best trading mentors.

Patrick MontesDeOca is a widely published technical analyst, author, commodity trader, trading coach and systems developer with expertise in algorithmic intelligence and the computer modeling of processes. He custom builds proprietary market intelligence reports that are customized for each individual or institution’s trading objectives.
After more than 30 years in the financial market business, MontesDeOca has developed a unique and automated trading tool based on a combination of Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, WD Gann and Vedic Mathematics. This proprietary trading tool, the VC Price Momentum Indicator, is a revolutionary trading tool that identifies major cyclical changes and trading opportunities in the commodities and financial markets with unprecedented accuracy.
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