Our analysis suggests that the US dollar index may be due for a swing rally in the 93.50 range.

Based on enormous global debt and ultra-low interest rates that cannot continue, we are bullish long-term on gold.

For silver, we have come back to a level that is validating the capitulation or completion of this correction, activating buy signals at $16.33.

The US Dollar and Gold

In my last report published onĀ January 29, 2018, on Seeking Alpha, we looked at the US dollar and gold relationship. We anticipated that the dollar had found some short-term support and had the short-term potential to rally up to 92.00 levels while the gold market had reached an overbought position and was due for a correction and a time for a consolidation.

Last week the US dollar index closed at 89.04. It appeared to be building a foundation for some kind

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