Monthly Trends


The Monthly Variable Changing Price Momentum Indicator (VC PMI) provides daily reports for trading stocks, ETFs, futures and options over the long-term in any of more than 30 markets. The reports are designed to do everything for you–the long-term trader or hedger.

Subscribers are automatically provided monthly by 9 p.m. PST with:

        • Entry points
        • Trailing stop-loss levels
        • Profit objectives

The Monthly VC PMI is an automated algorithm that models specific markets with 90% to 95% accuracy. The proprietary VC PMI incorporates Elliott Wave, Fibonacci, Vedic and Western mathematical principles to monitor cycles and identify volatility, momentum and patterns for each specific market.

It has taken years of testing to verify the accuracy and consistency of the VC PMI, as well as the monthly trading system. The system’s performance is available for review at under Trade Record. We are proud finally to be able to offer this truly remarkable trading tool to the financial community, including individuals, institutions and commercial hedgers.

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