LOS ANGELES, May 5, 2017—The Equity Management Academy (EMA) today announced a partnership with TradeStation Technologies, Inc.Today I am pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership to make the fully automated VC Price Momentum Indicator available exclusively through the world-renowned trading platform, TradeStation,” EMA CEO Patrick MontesDeOca said. “The algorithm will be available on an exclusive basis from the TradeStation app store. The program, which is now an automated robot, analyzes markets, identifies trading opportunities, and executes trades, all automatically.”MontesDeOca said that in the past 30 days since going live, the actual trades executed automatically by the robot have yielded impressive results: up 33% in one month with a 3:1 risk/reward ratio. And the system is completely automated.The VC Price Momentum Indicator is the underlying algorithm behind the EMA’s training and trading programs, which includes a simulated trading room. The Academy’s live trading room has documented publicly every single trade with time and sales that the VC Price Momentum Indicator has identified since 2012.

“It has been a tremendous challenge over the past few years to create an algorithm that can adjust to market volatility and be flexible enough to trade universally,” MontesDeOca said. “I feel confident that in 2017, based on the accomplishments achieved so far, that we are on track to achieve the company’s first profitable year. We at the Academy are extremely proud of this accomplishment and our new partnership with Trade Station Technologies.

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