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The VCPMI has revolutionized my investing life. After a decade of directing my own stock investment accounts with professional trader advice, I have become leery of the “pounding on the table” mentality of advice. Patrick was generous to allow a small investor like myself to enter the program and access not only the trading floor and its recommendations, but his mentoring and education in the short time I’ve been aboard. When I have not honestly trusted the calculations put forth in the VCPMI, I have lost out or suffered for it. Patrick has taught me to take out emotion and ignore the noise of the trading aberrations. The high percentage of accuracy has amazed me.
The thing I really appreciate is being able to structure my contracts the way I want and with margins I am comfortable with. I have utilized a spread of 400- 600 profits spreads for my current learning phase, and it’s amazing to execute 3-4 of these trades daily. I have executed both long and short, daily and swing. As other traders on the floor share their success, I learn new strategies.
I look forward to each day as it offers opportunity to provide for not only my soon-to-be retirement, but opportunities of charitable giving in a way I never imagined.

Tim Mosher
September 22, 2023



I am writing to express my satisfaction and appreciation for the excellent work and trading expertise of Patrick, with whom I have been working for the past three to four years. Together, we have utilized the VCPMI trading system, which has consistently provided favorable trading odds through its principle of mean reversion and various levels.

Patrick has demonstrated exceptional skill in selecting optimal entry points and identifying the appropriate levels to target within the VCPMI system. His expertise and knowledge in navigating the market have been invaluable to me as an investor. I have closely followed his entries and the associated targets, which have resulted in favorable outcomes for my trades.

While I strive to execute trades in a timely manner, there have been instances where I was slow in placing the order, causing the market to move against me. During such situations, I have had to make decisions on whether to bid to enter or enter at the current market price. I have been utilizing approximately an $800 stop for gold and approximately $1000 for silver. However, I am uncertain about the specific stop levels Patrick uses, and I acknowledge that my stops may be relatively low.

Having tried other advisors in the past, I can confidently say that working with Patrick and the VCPMI system has been a remarkable experience. The system’s clarity and ease of implementation, combined with its consistent success, have made it the ideal choice for me. I am impressed by the system’s effectiveness and the profitability it has brought to my trading endeavors.

I would like to express my intention to continue working with Patrick and utilizing the VCPMI trading system for my investment activities. I believe in the system’s robustness and the expertise Patrick brings to the table. The track record of success and the ease of following the system’s signals have reinforced my confidence in its long-term viability.

Thank you for providing such an outstanding trading system and for having professionals like Patrick on your team. I look forward to our continued collaboration and the opportunity to achieve further success with the VCPMI system.

Day McNeel



As an established user of the VC PMI system, I have consistently found its algorithms remarkably accurate. The signals it provides are clear-cut, exact, and easy to discern, which greatly simplifies the process of setting entry and exit points. Unlike other systems that leave me guessing about trend beginnings and endings, VC PMI has well-defined levels that have repeatedly proven their reliability to me.

My greatest challenge in trading has often been my own hesitation or impatience when it comes to initiating trades or trailing stops. However, the VC PMI system significantly reduces trading risk, provided I strictly adhere to its process.

For the past 15 years, I’ve relied on the VCPMI algorithm, and it has been instrumental in growing my wealth and expanding my portfolio. The knowledge I’ve gained from the Equity Management Academy has been integral to my success, enabling me to secure profits in both the futures and stock markets.

Guided by the expert advice from Patrick MontesDeOca and his team, I’ve been able to accurately and profitably open and close positions. Participating in the live trading room not only bolsters my confidence, but also strengthens my resolve to remove emotional influence from my trading decisions. This reinforces the truth that I am, indeed, my own greatest obstacle.

Edward Durfee



The VCPMI is the best virtual trading system for futures in the industry. The accuracy and predictability has been remarkable and allowed me to greatly increase profits and decrease risk.
More importantly, my ability to use this system accurately is greatly enhanced by the Live Trading Room where you receive specific trading recommendations that ensure your trading success.
Equity Management Academy is the best example of education for wealth creation. Patrick is a kind and gifted teacher and mentor, always willing to assist on a moments notice. You benefit from the best trading algorithm available, and you develop an understanding of this trading system in the most supportive virtual space. I am excited for the future both for the knowledge and wealth I can obtain as a student trader at EMA.



I have been a member of the Equity Management Academy and VCPMI (Discord) trading room studying Patrick MontesDeOca’s methods for about six weeks. I am finding the trading room signals to be highly accurate – particularly silver and gold. I have been trading micro-futures contracts for about 4 weeks and my account is up about 10%. Patrick is a kind and generous teacher. I find the methodology supporting the VCPMI signals to be fascinating. Very satisfied with this service.

Kate from New Jersey



My name is Steven Weinstein. I traded successfully on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange floor for over 20 Years.
Years, later after leaving the CME trading floor I spent lots of time and money trying to find a way to be successful at trading via a computer and found nothing that worked.
One dayI stumbled upon Patrick VCPMI website. I reviewed its claims with much suspicion. Who could be 80% to 90% accurate on their entries, how ridiculous but they offered a free trial to take a look. So, I said what the hell, let’s take a look and to my surprise Patrick was making an incredible amount of successful trades. I actually signed up for personal training from Patrick before my trial was up. That’s how impressive he was. I am now several weeks into trading with him and I am able to see many of the setups on my own.
Being in his room helps me see his entries and commentaries on the market.
Today, Patrick revealed to me a new strategy to develop an investment portfolio that correlates with my trading. I was amazed when he explained it to me. I am now wondering how much more there is for me to learn.
After three weeks of trading my account is up approximately 10% and I am really happy with these results.
Patricks, explanations about the market are great and easy to understand.



As a former floor trader l can say without a doubt that the VC PMI program is truly an outstanding trading tool. In the past 4 decades I have made many mistakes due to an inconsistent methodology and not being disciplined.The VC PMI has completely changed my way of trading and approach to the market. The program has given me the confidence to enter a trade knowing the exit and stop prices immediately.The VC PMI has allowed me to capture moves within a move, thereby increasing my profits per trade. The program is very straightforward and can be easily learned and beneficial to ALL traders regardless of their experience level.Great job in designing and sharing this amazing AI with us Patrick.

Mark Slaughter



I’ve been trading for 8 years now. I’ve bounced from one system to another, always drawn in by another empty promise of a “reliable system” to consistently make money in the market. Looking back, I estimate over those 8 years, I’ve lost over 100k when I combine losses with what I’ve spent on coaching and special “tools” and “indicators”. I’ve been trading with Patrick for a little over a month now, and I can definitely say, this is different. Although our core position has remained largely unchanged, my account is continuing to build equity steadily and consistently, with only minor and temporary drawdowns. What has been best is that I’m still able to run my other businesses. I don’t have to be glued to the screen 24/7. I’m so excited for the future.

Zion Lovingier



Patrick does a really good job with his daily video analysis. They are educational and he calls many of the intraday moves.  He does trade much and his VC PMI AI Algo technology is very accurate.
He is dedicated and very enthusiastic to help new traders to learn the craft of trading. He makes daily trade calls and is always looking for confirmation to make sure we took the right trade. He will take his time to make sure you understand the process and how to trade the VC PMI.
He will make Entry, Exit and Stop loss calls for his trades. You just need to make sure to understand his method and follow his guidance.
He helps me and my wife with our own trades in a big way.
Highly recommend his products and services

Angel Soto



Hi Patrick – hope you’re doing well. Closed out my MGC and YI trades this morning at 1772-1773 and 17.9 areas, based on your levels and my indicators. Your 1774-1780 sell levels ijn gold certainly nailed it, plus the 18.1-18.25 levels in silver – Already down to 1767 in gold. I think I was in the trades for 10 days or so, long from 1720 area in gold, and 17.27 area in silver. Closed out for almost $6800 profit, very pleased indeed (would have been more if 3 MGC orders hadn’t gotten cancelled overnight during the downmove)! Had to get out of the YI positions anyway, because of first notice day constraints. Gold’s coming into a new daily buy signal, would like to see a pullback to 1740-1750 to support a move to new highs new 1800, and silver back to 17.5 for a move towards 19 perhaps. I’m starting the auto-trading program at BTR with Tim Eilers, and he is very enthusiastic about your signals and trading success. Looking to follow your trading in my account there. Between that, and the position trading I’m doing from your levels, I think that will achieve what I’m looking to get done as far as trading. I’ve found that I’m really not into watching the charts all day and day trading, as I used to. Still, if there was a way to get the daily level updates for the VC PMI, to be able to adjust my orders more precisely, I’d be interested in that. But am looking forward to the auto-trading program, will give the best of both worlds. Thanks again for all you do! Mark



I’m Patrik from Sweden!
Got in contact with vc pmi on the seeking alpha site and found it very interesting so I started listen to Patricks Early bird live Tv everyday and that really helped me to become a better trader and understanding the markets in a better way, the vc pmi levels is so accurate so anyone who is struggling with the markets should use them!



I found out about Patrick MontesDeOca from SeekingAlpha MarketPlace reports.
After observation for a few weeks I decided to contact him directly. I took
a 3 month trial to his Live Trading Room and witnessed and verified
everything is transparently presented in a methodical, systematic and
accurate manner. I decided to hire him as a private coach and it was the
best thing I did. I am well over mid six figures in profits from using his
services in the last few months. He is worth every dime. I highly recommend
his services. Thank you for all you do.




I wanted to say a few words about Patrick and his VC PMI algorithm and services. I’ve been a self directed investor/trader for almost 5 years. Over those years, I have experienced the inconsistency associated with investing based upon “fundamentals based” research and trading services. I have reallocated my portfolio away from bonds and equities and into cash and precious metals of both the paper and physical variety. I’ve also been a pretty avid reader of a number of the authors at Seeking Alpha and it was there that I stumbled upon Patrick MontesDeOca’s posts. His grasp on the overall economy and in particular the role of gold and silver is prescient. The more I read, the more interested I became in his work and services. I recently became a coaching student of Patrick’s and have gotten to know him on a more personal level. I’ve been “around the block”, as they say, and have had many experiences with professionals in the world of trading and investment research. I rarely give testimonials and am not a fan of social media yet felt compelled to write this testimonial. Patrick is extremely intelligent (academically and emotionally). He has a good heart and is serious about teaching people how to be successful through coaching and use of the VC PMI algorithm.

David Boretz



I am a longtime SA reader. I am a believer in gold. I read an article on JNUG from Patrick and a a bullish call.
I then watched him trade it live and make six figures.
I was intrigued with the VCPMI system and subsequently hired Pat to teach me how to trade it.
I am solidly profitable. Been some ups and downs, lessons learned but overall I feel it’s been a great ROI for me and probably only way I would become a more active trader.
I would have no problem recommending Pats services to friends or family and have indeed done so. It’s got risk and not for everyone but these days I am not sure what a sure fire buy and hold is except gold.
Sent from my iPhone

Terry Lynch
Chilean Metals Inc.



Hi Patrick – I have checked out your videos on Ticker Tocker, and they are helpful in that they’re more current than the weekly charts. I will say, my last gold buy used your levels and I got in at a good spot. I didn’t profit too much from them before this last downmove, because I wasn’t selling in the 1722-1737 range that I should have. But that’s OK, because I was long 2 silvers and got out based on your sell levels at 15.715 and 15.92. So, that right there has paid for the years subscription. I am understanding the levels a bit better. I am only looking to build long positions (since the weekly and monthly charts are in uptrends, not really looking to trade counter to those trends) and then sell them out into strength / exhaustion. On my charts / indicators, I see exhaustion and sell my positions, only to see price spike higher once or twice, before then dropping. That’s why I’m not really looking to trade the short side against the long term trend, because with the strength of the market, you could run over quickly!

So, I’m looking for buy levels on weakness to buy MGC / YI contracts and build multi-contract positions, which I then sell out into tops. Right now I’m long in MGC from the 1688 level, trying to get some more, and get some YIs back on. Your sell levels seem more achievable and realistic than some projections, such as Fib extensions, etc., so they’re useful in locking in profit as price moves up.

Anyway, thanks for your patience, I will keep monitoring the videos to get the current levels for buys and sells. They’re helpful conjunction with the indicators I use. I apologize for not getting into the system more before making my judgement. I do think it will be useful in continuing to trade the gold and silver markets.
Best to you,
Mark Glinsky



I want to write this review because in my long career of trading I only met a few people who truly are what they claim to be, ie a successful trader. Patrick is one of them.
I started following his trades and ideas since mid-July 2019 on Ticker Tocker. Apparently he started at the very early start of the Ticker Tocker trading verifying application in January of that year.
What do I like about his approach?

1. Very methodical, he approaches every market from the same trading philosophy. When the rubber band of an asset is too fat stretched, being overbought or oversold, that’s when the vc pmi indicator kicks in. Every day he lays out the different levels of extreme prices BEFORE the market opens. When prices reach one of these levels then he becomes focused on trying to trade the reversal of these levels. No second guessing, no fear of missing out, just methodically applying his logic and trade management.

2. Consistency: By taking most of his signals since July and risking appropriate conservative position size I was able to realize around 30% return with a small drawdown of around 10 % during the summer doll drums. Winning percentage was +/- 70 % with a nice winn to loss ratio of 2.14. These features result in a nice smooth rising equity curve, which is a traders dream. Steady profits, no big drawdowns, creating alpha. ( S&P up 8,2 % during the same period)

3. No BS claims like so many con artists who‘s only goal is to get your money in their pockets. We all know the traders porn of luxury life style, sportscars, jet planes , paying for student loans and all the bla bla bla which they use to mislead people into believing that making money is as easy as just following their “secrets “ and bullet proof methods which will generate 4 digits of return. Not so with Ema trading! What you see is what you get! And yes you have to work for it. That reminds me of a saying that only in the dictionary success precedes work.

4. Limited markets. By focusing on a handful of markets (primarily the metals) you gain insight where the important historical levels have been, thereby eventually reinforcing the daily/weekly levels which are in play and teaching you a consistent methodology. Einstein said that a fool keeps on making the same errors over and over again, thereby expecting different results. With Patrick it is the reverse, he keeps on doing the same good approach over and over again, getting the same positive output. That is called success. Keep on doing what you are good at.

5. There are no secrets in his methodology. On the contrary: He just started a daily live early bird webinar on Ticker Tocker where he explains what he sees in the markets according to his approach. It is the viewer’s choice to take his advices and apply it to the markets, but every day you have the possibility to get a deeper understanding of the ema2trade algorithm.

6. To conclude I think that Patrick in the end teaches you how to fish instead of feeding you fish every day which is worthless. You still have your own responsibility as a trader.
I wish that Ticker Tocker could have a few more of these traders. I think it will be only a matter of time when real traders with real results see the value of this community. Finally a website which a trader can trust. A rare gem….
Yves T



As a very active and experienced investor and trader in stocks, ETFs, and futures, I am always looking for an edge. I first became aware of Patrick and his Equity Management Academy early in 2019 and, after tracking his recommendations or several months, realized that the algorithms he has developed to direct trades are not only correct more often than they are wrong, but also sharply limit the magnitude of losses while allowing for larger profits on trades.

His recommendations and training have helped me to become a better trader and I have been so impressed that I gave Patrick a six-figure investment on my part or him to manage and invest in his new Blizzard fund, in which I have also had the opportunity to become a small equity investor.

I am looking forward to a long and highly profitable relationship.

Michael Steinberg




I’ve been trading with the Equity Management Academy for the past couple of weeks with Patrick MontesDeOca, the head trader and CEO. I’ve been able to accomplish a profit of more than $14,000 day trading the E- Mini S&P 500 Index during this period of time. Patrick has an incredible system and process, which helps me understand the VC PMI artificial intelligence application for my self-directed trading. The service that I get is transparent, precise, clear and simple enough for me to understand the application and execution of this incredible algorithm. My investment of $1,800 has returned more than $14,000 in two weeks. It has been worth every cent to take the three-month trial. I highly recommend it.

James P, CA



I want to thank you for the support I have received these past two weeks. Since joining EMA2 Academy, I also want to say that the VC PMI is one of the simplest but the most effective strategy I have tried the past two years of trading.

1. I got interested in trading two years ago and have spent money on different and indicators and strategy setups that seemed good but in the end did not work. Some were complicated and the “stuff” that was on the chart made it difficult to see anything. I also blew two accounts. I did not lose a million dollars but 10,000 seems like quite a bit to me.

Since starting, I have consecutive days of winning. The lowest day was $400 dollars and the largest was $1060 using two contracts.

2. The VC PMI is simple. The rules are also simple to follow. The set ups are easy to see and there is no extra information needed. If the levels are hit, these sets up the “trigger.” Wait for the next candle to close above or below depending on what level and that is all to watch for. No emotions are involved.

3. The probabilities are what is amazing to me. Being a math teacher, I have a understanding about the probabilities. When, the probabilities are 90 to 95 percent in your favor, there is nothing else that can come close to that. Yes you can lose a trade but when it is one out of ten, you are well ahead of any other trading strategy out in the public.

Is there some cons to the program, I am not sure if scalping will work. Time is needed for the levels to work. William Gann who was a renowned trader mentions that time is the most important element of trading.

If you want a simple strategy where you have the highest probability of winning, VC PMI is the answer.

Terry Quintus


Testimonials for Equity Management Academy,

WOW! I am very impressed. Within one week the profits, even considering my blunders, have been greater than the cost of working one on one with Patrick for the next three months. That’s right, the cost of the next three months of one on one coaching and teaching was covered, actually four days in to it be exact! I am floored. Just what he taught me and explained this week TOTALLY changed the entire way I comprehend the market.  A week ago at a time I might have sold or panicked, I now see the exact opposite, its more than likely time to hold on if not buy more. I understand Patrick, sometimes he seems frustrated with things I say but its clear its only because he wants me to succeed. I know this is the first week but I can tell by the end of this 3 month education I will be trading closer to the level of someone with 30+yrs experience rather than the year of experience I actually have.

If you are thinking about becoming a member, all I can say is DO IT!  I am not  s*****g you, this is no nonsense. The automated strategies are in the money. The trades I have taken on my own from his coaching all made money. I looked at his testimonials and thought there is a chance that these are made up. There are so many scams on the internet. There are trade rooms all over the internet loosing money but they are all run by “experts”. Expert con men are more common than not. I have lost money with numerous other programs. I decided less than a year ago I was going to learn as much as I could. I told myself I wanted to obtain the knowledge most people could acquire in five years in one!  That has been the plan.  No kidding, I listen to trading tutorial videos when I drive, I fall asleep listening and learning after I spend all night trying to stay awake learning, reading, researching, back testing and studying charts, trades and strategies. It has become an obsession. I even put a 32 inch monitor on the end table in my family room so I can watch the charts while I might catch a moment of entertainment with my wife. Watching a movie once every other week or so is time to glance or stare at the charts flowing on the S&P 500.  I like tic charts. In my opinion the 987 tic is like the pulse of the market. I spend every waking moment thinking about trading. I am consuming trading all the time in one way or another. I came across ema2trade and took a chance once again. BOOM, I discovered trading on steroids! I was determined to gain five years of knowledge in one year. It has happened for sure at this point. I put it out there in the universe. I need five years of knowledge. I spoke it, I believed it, and it manifested. The law of attraction worked once again. This past week it all came together. The five years of knowledge has clearly been obtained. In one week, in a total of about five hours of talking to Patrick I surpassed the five years of knowledge I wanted to obtain. Patrick is awesome. I recall a bad trade I bailed on a few weeks ago and I took a beating of $7000. Had I known what I know now I am sure that would have been an entirely different outcome. I am pretty sure it would have been a winning trade. I am thankful I have found ema2trade. Those dumb panic mistakes are in my past, thanks to Patrick’s teaching.
Sorry for being so long winded but I see the big picture and had to share the entire story. There are no coincidences. You are reading this testimonial for a reason. You ended up at the ema2trade website for a reason just like I did. Act on it now. Send him an email or break out that credit card and invest in knowledge from a great trader, mentor and teacher. This man is changing lives! I am looking forward to learning much more in the next months. I have to go set up his awesome indicator on additional charts so I can have even more success this week.
Thanks Patrick!
Tim Dever, life time entrepreneur and marketer aspiring to be a full time trader


I have used the services of the “Equity Management Academy” for the last three years in trading in the gold, silver and energy markets.  The training materials have been very useful especially the trading room with charts.  As a retired medical engineer I can identify with the daily and monthly buy and sell limits.  The “mean” v2 information really works!  Patrick MontesDeOca has provided needed consultative services “on  demand”.  The e-mail and texting services are timely and have produced good results;  January and February profits near $20,000.

Don Hill


During the two months during which I have been a member of Equity Management Academy, I am very impressed with the accuracy of the levels for inter-day and swing trading on futures and ETFs for gold and silver. By using the published daily and weekly levels, and following the rules that were carefully explained by Patrick MontesDeOca, my net gains have paid for more than one year of the trade room. In addition, the excellent coaching that I received from Patrick has helped me to avoid major losses.

       William A. Gruver, PhD, FIEEE, FEIC



I am quite excited to report that I have a most profitable start to 2015. I have just closed out my seventh consecutive profitable trade in the March 2015 Silver futures for a total of $10,750 since the start of the year. I must say the system is quite predictive and accurate, especially when buying at or below B2 and moving up to code or S1. I really appreciate your kind instruction and moments notice assistance with my trades and investments. I sense the markets are changing to a more bullish mode, so spread the word. I hope I can continue this trend moving forward.

Much appreciation and gratitude,

Curtis Caughey


Dear Patrick,

 I have been trading for 5 years now. In that time, I’ve had several mentors. From the beginning, though, I felt you were different. You told me you would feel successful when my family was abundantly successful. That meant a lot to me. Who would’ve thought it… a trader with a huge heart!  And what I’ve learned from you would be hard to put a price tag on. You understand the psychology of the trader better than anyone I’ve met. Your mentorship, in combination with the VC Daily Code, has helped me bridge the gap between my emotions as a trader and the reality of how the market moves.

The VC system that you created is a transformative and invaluable tool! It has allowed me to strategically plan my trades and follow where the energy of the market is heading. With your system, I get a bird’s-eye view before market shifts occur. I’m no longer directionless in the market. This system has proven itself time and again. Thanks to the VC, I have become a more confident trader.

I wanted to thank you for ensuring my family’s financial future. Thanks to you, I see myself as a lifelong trader, prosperous beyond what I ever thought I could be. Now I am actually building my family’s wealth. My dreams are becoming reality with the VC system.

Happy Trading!

Thomas in Kentucky

p.s. Wayne Dyer once said, “Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” This is what your system does… allows the trader to tune into the market in a way no other tool does.


Patrick provides real market intelligence, often with uncanny accuracy. We haven’t been using the service long but it has impressed us enough to sign up for a year’s service. We trialed the $1-a-day service and were truly amazed at the results. Happy to say having signed up for a year it has literally paid for itself in the first week.




Dear Patrick,

I would like to thank you for assisting me in achieving my trading
objectives with your monthly cyclical energy patterns and research. It
has allowed me to trade less, yet achieve greater results. Last year was
very costly to me due to excessive trading and having too many wash
trades, due to brokerage companies having to report wash trades to the
I.R.S. last year.

Knowing when to expect corrections and major rallies is a huge
advantage, as well as minor corrections and short term tops. I also
appreciate your assistance in certain trading vehicles.
I highly recommend your services.

Yours truly,


Hi Patrick,
A note of exclamation, to express my pleasure of my discovery of Equity Management Academy and the VC Futures Price Momentum Signals.  I have been trading for many years and have never been more enlightened than I am by your training, coaching and sharing of the VC Futures Price Momentum Signals.  I have been following your system since November 2012 and I am very pleased with my success.  Of course, it is your patience and coaching that has allowed my success.
Over the years I have encountered many so-called “systems” that predict the outcome, only to be disappointed by the results.  With your proven system, I have been able to make trades with the ultimate confidence of success.  I have used the price points to trade options and shares.  I have been tracking the futures as I wait for funding requirements and am seeing positive results.  I can not wait to start putting my account in the green and continue my trading acumen that I am learning from you and the use of your signals.
In Liberty,Edward

Dear Patrick,
I wanted to express my appreciation and excitement regarding my recent trading success using the VC Daily Code. With your patient instruction and real-time advice this week I have used the VC Daily Code for the December 2012 Silver Futures Contract to realize over $7,700 in profits. This is by far the best futures trading tool I have ever used. With the current market conditions and the future outlook for precious metals, I hope to continue this success. Thanks so much for your assistance and advice.

Best Regards,